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Last updated Jan 11 2018

"My Account" gives you quick access to settings and tools for managing your FormTitan account. It is divided into nine tabs and "Push Settings" tab is the eighth.
This tab is divided into 2 main areas:
1- Push Authentication List & Status - on the left
2- Push Logs - on the right

Push Authentication List & Status
A list of all the 3rd party integrations FormTitan provides, also called "Push integrations" (because we "push" the data out).
We offer all the push integrations you can think of:
- integrations made through Zapier Zap.
- integrations made through FotrmTitan, which currently include: Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Google docs, Google spreadsheets, Google contacts, Google calendar, Dropbox, Box, Outlook calendar, Outlook contacts, OneDrive, Custom URL, Constant contact, Mail chimp, Vertical response, Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, Gemini and Zapier Hook.

In this list you can see the 3rd parties you are currently authenticated with. You can also authenticate or revoke access from here.
Read more on how to revoke an integration, and how to authenticate an integration
At the top of the list there is an "Email me errors"  checkbox, which is turned on by default. This makes sure that if errors occur while users submit a form that is integrated you will receive an email containing this error.

Push Logs
The table on the right is called a 'Push/Get log'. It contains all the integration action rows for both your push and get integrations.
Each time an action is taken - either get or push - an action row is created in the log containing:
- Form Id: what form the action belongs to
- Date time: Date of the action
- IP: the form filler IP
- Submission ID: the submission Idthe action belongs to. This is also a link that displays the submission in "My submissions" page.
- Method: Integration party. for example: Salesforce.
- Status code: Success or error
- Message: Each message contains:
the object used in the action (for example 'Account' or 'Contact')
the action that was taken (Create / Update / Delete...)
The error description
a link to the object in Salesforce / or another 3rd party
- Resubmit: When an action fails and there is an error - then data is not synced with the 3rd party like it should. However, do not worry,  for the information is not lost. and after you make the required fix in your form - you can press on this  "Resubmit" link and have the missing data added.

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