HTML Mode For Custom Email Editors

Last updated Jan 25 2018

Each time a new entry is submitted in a FormTitan form, a standard email is automatically sent to the form owner, containing the data entered in the form. There is also a standard email to the form filler, however you will need to turn on this option if you are interested.

Instead of these standard emails (or in addition to them) FormTitan allows you to create custom emails: for owner and for form filler.
The custom email editor enables you to create your own text and also use field variables. But how about styles and HTML code? can they be added too? The answer is Yes.
We have now added an 'HTML Mode' to these editors in which you can:
- Add your own text,
- Add field variables
- Change its style
- Paste HTML codes in it
- Paste copied WORD templates and documents.
Read more about the HTML Mode in the custom emails editor

The same HTML mode has been added to other editors as well:
- Custom email header editor ('Properties' panel > Form > Settings > Emails > Custom Header)
- Custom email footer editor ('Properties' panel > Form > Settings > Emails > Custom Footer)
- On submit > condition custom email editor ('Properties' panel > Form > Settings > On submit > Condition > Send email)


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