Search with Salesforce Lookup made easier

Last updated Jan 16 2018

This improvement is not related to your Lookup creation process but is rather focused on your form fillers' experiences.
Up till now, when a form filler wanted to use the Salesforce Lookup field he needed to first open it by clicking on the "Search" button. A window would then open and the form filler would be  required to enter a text in the search box. Only after pressing the button to run the search the results would appear.
In this version we have given our Lookup a small Face-lift in terms of how it works. It now allows the user to start his search inside the Lookup element itself, without having to open the window first.
So now when a form filler enters a text in the Lookup box and presses on the 'Search' button it will open the lookup window with the results already in it.
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