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Last updated Apr 23 2018

The Lookup is a special element that is used when you Integrate forms with Salesforce. It allows you to create a search box for your users, enabling them to search inside Salesforce objects and choose an item. 
When you add a Lookup, all you have to do is set the integration with Salesforce and configure the columns of the lookup results table.

Following are steps to use the Lookup element:
1- Enter your form in the form builder
2- Go to "Elements" panel > "Salesforce" category 
Drag the "Lookup" element onto the canvas.

4- Once the "Lookup" is selected on canvas its properties will open in the panel on the right.
(in "Properties" panel > "Element" tab > "Settings" option > "Basic" category > Mapping)
Press on the "Set" button.

5- a window will now open, where you will need to configure the Lookup:
First, you will need to authenticate with Salesforce.

Configure SF integration
Press on the "Configure Salesforce Integration" button" to make the connection between the Lookup and the SF object.
This window looks very much alike the regular integration mapping window, only it is designed for the lookup and contains only 4 categories:

Connection - this will contain the account you authenticated with earlier, however you can change it if you wish.

Salesforce object settings - Select the SF object you want your users to search in.

Condition -  Set a condition like: Account Name Contains Search box (which means the user will enter text in the searchbox and matching items will be searched for in the "Account Name" field).

Sort order - This is not a mandatory, however you can control how the results will be sorted (according to which fields) and if the sorting is Ascending or Descending.

Configuring the results table columns

The results of the search will be displayed in a table - so now you will be required to set the columns of the table
Open the "Add fields for display" dropdown, choose them, one by one, and press "Add".

Please notice there are 2 columns called "Text" and "Value" in the table you have just created - they consist of 2 vertical radio buttons.
Go ahead and choose the field used for the Text in the results, and the field used for the value in the results.

Press "Apply" and save the form
Now you will be able to publish the form as URL and test it.

6- Testing
When your form loads you can either:
A- Enter the a text inside the Lookup element and press on the "Search" button. The results will then open in a window according to your search.

B- press on the Lookup button to open it, enter a text in the searchbox and press on the 'Search' button.
The results will then appear according to your search.

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