Smart Validation for Salesforce

Last updated Nov 25 2017

Smart Validation  - additional security for your form

The SmartV (short for smart validation) is a special element that adds a double verification to your form based on data from SF.
It is much like the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). 
When you use the SmartV,  a Login window will essentially be create based on the fields you will choose.
The form fillers will not be able to access your form. Access will be granter after 2 steps:
First step
The authentication window will appear and  the form fillers will need to identify themselves, by filling in the required data. If this data They will provide is found comparable with the data in your SF account, an email will be sent to them, containing a secret code.
Second step
In the second step the form fillers will need to enter the code in the authentication window.
Once all data is confirmed - the form will be accessible.

Following are steps to add a SmartV to your form:

1- Enter your form in the fom builder.
2- Drag a Smart V element from "Elements panel" > "Salesforce" > "SmartV"


Go to "Properties" panel > "Element" tab > "Settings" option > "Basic" category
4- Press on the "Map fields" button to configure your validation.


Since the validation is done based on the data in your Salesforce account you will first need to authenticate with Salesforce.


Once authenticated press on the "Configure salesforce integration" button.
7- Choose the Salesforce object you would like to use for this validation - in this example: Contact.


Select the fields for the validation by choosing them from the "Add field for display" dropdown, and then press on "Add" button.
Please note that you must add an "email" field here so an email with a secret code could be sent to the form filler later on, in the second step of the validation.

In this example we have added the following fields from the Salesforce contact object: Email, First name, Secret, Contact ID, Last name.


These fields will now be displayed in a table that contains 3 important columns: Email, Value and Secret.
You will now have to choose:
- which of the the fields will be used for drawing the email address (we chose "email")
- which of the fields will be used to hold returned value (we chose "contact id")
- which of the fields will be used to store your secret code (we chose "secret")


Once this is done press on "Apply" and save your fom.
11- In order to do check this LIVE you will need to create a test contact in your Salesforce account. Beforehand and make sure t contains:
- You first and last name,
- a "Secret" field (create a custom text field for this)
- your email address (so that the code is sent to you) 

You will now see the Smart validation window. Choose a real contact from your Salesforce account and enter its details in this window: the email address, first name and last name.
12- Publish your form as "URL" to test it.
You will now see the smart validation window. Enter the email, last name and first name of your Test Contact.

You will now see a second window, in which you will be required to enter a code.
13- Go to your inbox and copy the code that was sent to you.


Paste this code in the window and submit -  and the form will open right after.

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