Smart Validation for Salesforce

Last updated Apr 23 2018

Smart Validation  - additional security for your form

The SmartV (short for smart validation) is a special element that adds a double verification to your form based on data from SF.
It is much like the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). 

How does Smart Validation work?
When you use the SmartV,  a Login window will essentially be create based on the fields you will choose.
The form fillers will not be able to access your form. Access will only be granted after 2 steps:
First step
The authentication window will appear and  the form fillers will need to identify themselves, by filling in the required data. If this data They will provide is found comparable with the data in your SF account, an email will be sent to them, containing a secret code.
Second step
In the second step the form fillers will need to enter the code in the authentication window.
Once all data is confirmed - the form will be accessible.

How to add the Smart V to your form
For detailed instructions 
1- How to add the Smart V to your form
2- How to customize your Smart V (Captions, Emails, Session length)

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