Pass parameter to the form so we can load data from Salesforce

Last updated Apr 21 2018

Learn how to Integrate online forms with salesforce - it's easy.

In this video we will show you how to pass a parameter in the form URL so you can pre-populate the form with data from Salesforce.
This way you can easily send fillers a link to your form, containing their data, already inserted in the fields. Saving them time and energy to fill in data they have previously 

In the video we will :
- Drag a hidden field to store the contact ID in it.
- Drag a full name element, an Email element and a dropdown element - into which we will populate the contact's data.
- Connect these fields to Salesforce via Get integration
- Configure a Salesforce Push integration so the filler could update the data in the relevant object fields in SF.
- Add the parameter to our form URL to populate the fields.

In this video we will also show how to generate a new field in Salesforce that will hold the contact's specific url.

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