Working with integration logs to diagnose Salesforce API issues

Last updated May 07 2018

When you Integrate forms with Salesforce it is imperative that you use the 'Integration logs'. These logs record your integration activities, displaying when an action succeeded and when it failed. What is most important is that if the action failed the log displays the errors from Salesforce, helping you understand what went wrong and how to fix it.

In this video we will show you how to diagnose Salesforce integration issues using the integration logs.

- We will show you how to create a form wth a salesforce integration
- We will deliberately configure the mapping wrong to trigger an error. 
- we will show you how to test the form and track the actions status in the integration logs
- we will show you how to fix the mapping
- and Finally how to automatically resubmit the entry from within the integration log, and without having to enter the data again.

 Read more about how to use the integration logs

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