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Last updated Apr 11 2018

PDF document in your submissions grid
The FormTitan PDF Mapping allows you to create an online version of your paper form and once it is filled with data, have it also insert the values into the paper version and generate a PDF.
This PDF can be emailed (to you, to the filler, to additional emails) and it can also be sent to your Salesforce account. When a PDF is generated  it is also stored in your submissions page, and you can see this by adding the "Signed form" column to your submissions grid. This column will display a link and you will be able to press on it and download it from there.
If for any reason a PDF was not generated - a link will not be available in this column - but do not worry, you can manually generate the PDF if you wish. 

How to re-generate the PDF?
In order to use this option you must have a license that includes "Advanced tools" and you must also have your "Version control" feature turned on.
Following are steps to manually generate a PDF:
1- Enter your form in the "my submissions" page.
2- Since your "Version control" feature is active - you will have an additional column in your submissions grid, called: Content version.
Click on the "view version" link and a small modal window will open

3- press on the "Generate PDF" button. On the left a message will display when your PDF is ready along with a Download link.


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