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Last updated Jun 01 2017

"My Account" gives you quick access to settings and tools for managing your FormTitan account. It is divided into nine tabs and "Profile" is the first.

Your Profile consists of:

1- First name and last name
Your name will be displayed next to your user avatar once you log in. It will also appear in your questions, comments, answers, when you are added as someone's user or when you send another user an invitation.
2- Email address - This email is the one you registered with and is used for Signing in. Changing it move your entire account under the new email entered.
3- Subdomain - In your sign up process you are not asked to choose a subdomain - it is given automatically. If you wish to change it - you can do so here.
Read about how to change your subdomain
4- Default time zone
Formtitan uses a universal time zone for its default settings, however it is recommended to change this to your own time zone after signing up, so the dates and times would reflect your location.
Please note that you can change the time zone for every form you create seperatly.
Read about Time Zone
5- Default language
Default language in FormTitan accounts is English. If you intend on creating forms in a different language it is recommended to indicate this. Read all about the default Language
Please note that you can also change the language in each Form you create.
6- Google analytics
7- Receive newsletter (checkbox)
Turning on this checkbox will make sure that the FormTitan newsletter is sent to you.
8- Notify on sign in
A security measure, taken to make sure noone enters your account without you knowing. Each time someone logs in to your account - you will receive a notification in your inbox. Read about the sign in notifications.
9- Change password
This is where you can change your account password.
10- Delete account
This option allows you to terminate your account.
11- My Photo and Company Logo
enables you to personalize your account -adding your profile images: My photo and Company logo
The right part of "My Account" page consists of the account status.
1- Register Date
2- Registration Ip
3- License Type. Your current license type (Free, Express, Pro, Premium or Unlimited) If a user is in "Trial" version this will also be indicated.
4- A "Change license"" button to upgrade your license.
5- License status strips, which show your current level of usage within the boundaries of your license. The status strips include: your Forms, your submissions, your users, your storage, and your API. Read all about thr License status
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