Version - April 20 2018


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Added features to Advanced Tools My account - new tab: mailEntry duplicationSupporting Checkbox for multi-picklist in SalesforceFile upload additionsHide Salesforce Table rows footerDate and DateTime AdditionsNew category in form settings: Head Auto focus in Lookup search boxTIME field in Salesforce table - Update and AddPush logs now reflecting SF Table actionsDropdown for dynamic navigation in multi page formsPush Signature to Salesforce as attachment without PDF MappingChanging the Smart V window background colorRepeated section - Show remove button for lastAuto position for section with tabsAdded filter in condition windowAdded Enable/Disable condition result options for Checkbox and Radio buttonDST SupportPDF sent to email upon paymentSalesforce translation support for Global Picklist Value SetsOptimization for loading times, loading times, CDN cache, conditional logic engineSalesforce Table Max rows per levelAdded language to custom translation: ChineseHebrew country list in Address fieldAddress populating google map - AdditionsStyles for buttons in Table element including alignmentAll option added to Push UpdateNew payment integration: PelecardBug Fixes V20.04Push Edit later URL to Salesforce
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